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Detach Reset Solar is an All- In- One Solar Maintenance Partner.

With short lead times and expert teams we are ready to assist you with

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We work hand in hand with Roofers, Homeowners, Realtors and Insurance Adjusters.

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Sunrun, Sunnova, Tesla, and Sunpower Solar Systems 

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Detach & Reset

Solar Panel Removal and reinstallation for roof repairs, roof replacements, and maintenance. 


38 point check to keep solar systems running optimally and protecting solar investments from costly repairs. 


Increase solar panel efficiency and output with regular cleaning. Natural dust, debris and build up can limit solar panel output.


Critter Guard

Keep solar panels and solar systems safe from animal nesting, nibbling, and disruption.

Claim Appraisal

Providing fast, professional and neutral appraisals for insurance adjusters and homeowners.


Solar panel replacement, inspections and overall repairs and maintenance.

Why Is Solar maintenance important?


When purchasing solar panels, you might be told that rain alone cleans them. This is a myth. Many homeowners don’t realize that dust, pollen, animal prints, and other residues can reduce their solar production. twice yearly cleaning, combined with diagnostics, can enhance your system’s performance and provide valuable insights to protect and improve your solar power system.

Solar Panel hail damage services


When solar panels face storms, heavy winds, or animal nesting, they can suffer damage that compromises their safety and efficiency. Unchecked panels post-storm can lead to increased fire risks or costly system damages.


Detach Reset Solar provides comprehensive support for every stage of solar panel ownership. Our services include removal and reinstallation for roof repairs, cleaning, diagnostics, critter guard installation, and solar panel replacement. We guarantee your system’s optimization with our 10-year workmanship and leak warranty

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