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Why Solar Maintenance Is Important

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Solar Panel Efficiency


Regular maintenance helps to ensure that solar panels are functioning at their highest efficiency levels. Dust, debris, and other factors can accumulate on the surface of the panels, reducing their ability to capture sunlight and convert it into electricity.


Proper maintenance can help extend the lifespan of solar panels. By keeping the panels clean and inspecting them regularly for damage, you can catch any issues before they become serious problems that require expensive repairs or replacements.


Solar panels generate electricity and require proper wiring and grounding to ensure they are safe to use. Regular maintenance can help ensure that all wiring and grounding is in good condition and working properly.

Cost Savings

By catching issues early and ensuring that your solar panels are functioning at peak efficiency, you can save money on repairs and energy bills in the long run.


Checking for damage from critters such as rodents is an important aspect of solar maintenance as well. Rodents, squirrels, and other animals can chew through wires, causing electrical problems or even a fire hazard. – installing critter guards around the solar panels, ensuring that wires are properly sealed and protected, and using repellents or deterrents to keep animals away..

Types Of Panels We Service

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PV Panels

Photovoltaic solar panels, are devices that convert sunlight into electricity. They are made up of cells that contain a semiconductor material, typically silicon, which absorbs photons from the sun and generates an electrical charge

Thermal Panels

Also known as solar thermal collectors, are designed to capture the sun’s heat and use it to provide hot water or space heating for a home or building. They are typically made up of a flat plate collector that absorbs heat from the sun and a storage tank to hold the heated water.

Pool Panels

These panels are specifically designed to heat water in swimming pools by capturing energy from the sun. They are typically made of black plastic or rubber and are installed on a roof or nearby area where they can receive direct sunlight.

Our Solar Panel Services


Solar Panel Removal and Reinstallation

Solar panel removal and resintalls, also called detach and reset. This service is done when roof repairs and roof maintenance is needed. Our expert teams work directly with homeowners and roofers to make this process as easy as possible.

Critter Guard

Critter guard, also known as “solar screen” protects solar panels from nesting or damage from animals. The mesh fencing is placed between the roof and the panels as a protective barrier.

Solar Panel Repair & Replacement

Extreme storms and hail are the main cause for broken solar panels that need to be replaced or repaired. Solar panel glass is highly rated to withstand most storms but a broken panel or faulty wires can become a safety risk that needs expert assistance to repair or replace.

Solar Panel Diagnostics

Our trusted technicians provide a 38 point diagnostics check. For systems impacted by storms with no visible damage or solar power systems that are not producing efficiently, our full diagnostics can give you valuable insight into how to maintain or repair your solar power system.

Claim Appraisal

If you’re filing an insuance claim for solar panel damage, we offer our expertise as a neutral third party to help with all solar power system claim appraisals.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Cleaning solar panels is necessary for proper solar production. When dusk, pollen or other natural debris build up on your panels it can decrease the panels ability to filter sun rays. Get your panels professionally cleaned once or twice a year for an easily optimized solar power system.

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