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Leading The Solar maintenance Industry

Our mission is to bring the highest level of integrity and professionalism to the solar industry. We are trusted partners to roofers nationwide with our streamlined and professional detach reset services. We are here to provide insight and value to homeowners with existing solar power systems.

Claim Appraisals

 Providing fast, professional and neutral appraisals for insurance adjusters and homeowners. 


Detach and Reset Panels

Solar Panel Removal and reinstallation for roof repairs, roof replacements, and maintenance. 


38 point check to keep solar systems running optimally and protecting solar investments from costly repairs. 

Critter Guard

Critter Guard offers a safe, humane solution to prevent animals from interfering with and damaging solar systems, while also helping to maintain your solar warranty.

Snow Guard

Improve home safety and solar efficiency during winter months. Snow guard works to keep panels from gathering snow during heavy snow months.


Solar panel cleaning increases solar efficiency and production. Quickly eliminate dust, debris and build up can limit solar panel production.

3 Ways Detach Reset Improves the Solar Industry

Solar Maintenance Pros for homeowners. Solar Panel Cleaning, Solar Panel Removal and Solar Panel Replacements

Supporting Homeowners with Solar

Only 3% of solar homeowners realize the importance of Solar Panel Maintenance. Solar Panel Cleaning is just a start; we provide all-in-one access to diagnostics, critter guards, and solar panel repair to protect and enhance your solar system.

Roofing Partner for Solar Maintenance and Detach Reset for reroofing

A Trusted Solar Partner for Roofers

Roofers understand the issues with delayed solar inspections and poor work from unskilled solar detach and reset companies. They need a dependable partner for solar clients during roof work. We offer master trained teams,  streamlined services, with same-day estimates and job scheduling in 5-7 days!

Solar Inspections for Realtors and Real Estate Agents from Detach Reset Solar

Supporting Realtors and Their Clients

Selling or buying homes with solar panels can be challenging for many buyers. We collaborate closely with real estate agents, providing the insights and support they need. Our services include detach and reinstall for new homes, full inspections for potential buyers, and more!

Fearless Leaders

Detach Reset Solar is driven by our founders and teams passion and innovative vision for the future of solar in America. We strive to see a greener future and to be the driving force behind making it sustainable.

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Hunter Adams


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