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Detach Reset

Solar panel removal & reinstallation

Roofing repairs and replacements for homeowners with Solar Panels is a complex process. Before your roof can be replaced,  the solar panels must be removed by trained professionals.

Critter Guard

Fire Safety and Solar Protection

Animals are known to nest under solar panels as well as chew on connectors and wires. This can become a safety hazard and leave homeowners vulnerable to fires. The easiest way to safeguard solar panels from animal intervention is through Critter Guard.


Optimize output & uncover issues

38 point check to keep solar panel systems running at full optimization. Quickly diagnose underlying issues that could save homeowners from future costly repairs and solar panel downtime.


Workmanship Warranty

Every job comes with a courtesy 10 year workmanship warranty protecting customers from any issues that arise from the process of removal and reinstalling solar panels. Additional 25 year warranty available for purchase.

Solar Panel hail damage services

Claim Appraisal

System insights with integrity

Fast, Professional and neutral appraisals for homeowners and insurance adjusters that need accurate assessments of solar panel systems.


Fastest way to increase output

Rain alone is not enough to clean solar panels. Panels gather layers of dust, pollen, and natural debris that can decrease the amount of sun solar panels have access to. Even if the panels were recently installed, spring and summer months are most common for dust and pollen build up.

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