Critter Guard

Solar panels are an investment that requires proper care and maintenance to ensure they operate at optimal performance for a long time. One crucial aspect of solar panel maintenance is protecting them from animals and pests that may cause damage. This is where critter guards come in handy.

Critter guards are mesh or wire barriers placed around solar panels to prevent animals such as squirrels, birds, and rodents from accessing the area underneath the panels. These animals often seek shelter and nesting spaces under the solar panels, which can cause damage to the panels and wires. The critter guards effectively prevent the animals from accessing these areas, keeping them safe from harm while also ensuring the solar panels operate efficiently.

Damage caused by animals can be costly and affect the overall performance of the solar panels. For instance, animal droppings can accumulate on the surface of the panels, blocking sunlight and reducing their efficiency. Animal activity can also cause physical damage to the panels or wires, leading to malfunctioning or even total failure of the solar panel system. This can result in expensive repairs and replacements, not to mention the loss of energy production.

Another reason to invest in critter guards is that they are a humane way of preventing animal damage. Animals seeking shelter and nesting under solar panels can cause harm to themselves and the solar panel system. For example, birds may build nests and lay eggs on the wires, causing electrical shorts or fires. The critter guards prevent animals from accessing the area under the panels, keeping them safe from harm and the solar panel system protected from damage.

At Detach Reset Solar™, we understand the importance of properly maintaining your solar panels and offer a range of services, including refreshing or installing new critter guards. It’s important to note that critter guards can become weak over time due to rust and other wear and tear, which is why we recommend that every homeowner should replace their critter guard with brand new critter guards after we do the detach and reset solar or any solar panel maintenance, this will help the homeowners maintain their warranty and peace of mind.

If your solar panel system don’t have critter guards installed, our team can come to your property and install them for you. This is an important step in protecting your investment and ensuring that your solar panels continue to operate efficiently for years to come.

Investing in critter guards is a small but crucial step in maintaining your solar panel system. With proper installation and maintenance, you can protect your investment and ensure that your system operates efficiently for years to come.